Mark DorcakMark is a certified, class A PGA Pro, who has been a golf instructor in the silicon valley for over 25 years.

He is also certified in AimPoint instruction, teaching golfers of all ages to read greens.  This helps lower your score and improve your game!

Mark has worked with PGA tour professionals, collegiate level golfers, and beginning golfers. He can take your game to whatever level you choose.

Mark also works on the SJSU Mens Golf Committee with Coach John Kennaday.

What others are saying:

“Hi Mark
I have to honest with you
After our session yesterday I was skeptical
I played today: one three putt (my bad)
Seven one putts made a believer out Of me
I will pass along this info with friends to call you for a lesson”
~ Greg Bergman

“As my former golf coach thought you would enjoy hearing that I shot my first round under par in a tournament. Shot my age 69 – 3 under.
Thanks for your influence in my golf over the years. Getting older can mean getting better. Handicap now 7.4 and falling.”

~ Rich Chandler

“Dear Mark, I can’t begin to tell you how pleased I am with the results of your 6 session golf instruction.  My scores have come down signyicantbf since completing the sessions.  My woods and irons are delivering much longer distance, and my consistency has really gone up; very few “disaster holes” now.  I continue to need to work on the putting and if I can keep three-putts down to one or two a round I will be scoring at least 10 strokes better overall each round since taking your lessons.  Your emphasis on awareness has been an important part of this.”

~ Oskar R Thumher

“Dear Mark, I would like to take a minute and tell you how much I enjoyed my golf lessons.  I signed up during the early part of this year.  Your teaching methods were basic and engineered so I could understand how the game is played.  The training had a profound impact on my game and I am attaching a copy of my handicap index for the last year:  I went from a 15.7 handicap to a 7.5 handicap this last year I played”

~ Patrick MacKenzie

“Dear Mark,

I cannot thank you enough for your complimentary golf lesson today.
I was somewhat shocked by the video you showed me of my swing but the two things you explained to me:

  1. Releasing by swinging the club as if a baseball bat
  2. Lining up the swing path properly

were not only instantly effective but allowed me to swing with so much less effort.
I have been playing the game for over 60 years but have never had a more instructive golf lesson in all my life.  My handicap has drifted out from 6 to 13 but now I have the belief that I can achieve my retirement objective of returning to a single figure handicap again.

One thousand thanks for your gratuitous tuition!”

~ Ian Henderson

“Hi Mark,
Thanks to my session with you, I had a fantastic golf experience at the Olympic Club with old friends. I’m now back in Vermont and expect my game to only improve. I’ve met a few excellent golf trainers over the years, but you truly educate the player. As an educator myself, I really appreciated your approach, one that makes such good sense. You were right: You couldn’t “teach” me a thing… but you provided a lasting and meaningful learning opportunity. Next time I’m in San Jose, I hope to see you again.”

~ Tim Maciel